10 Online Dating Tips for Men

29/02/2020 By Brazilian

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Profile tips

Put your real picture in your account

The first piece of dating advice you receive from us is: make it real! You may think it is not so important, but imagine: you are a young woman who thought it is real to meet a serious, reliable man over the web but every profile you scroll has the picture of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Robert Pattinson… Nothing serious, right?

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Instead, putting a clear picture of you will help your potential bride understand that you are really seeking a relationship and she will not ignore you when you drop a direct message.

Do not make your personal information public

Another popular mistake guys make when they want to be chosen among others on the website is posting too much about themselves. If you disclose a lot of personal information like your address, pictures of your house, cars or other property, it may harm your safety. No one wants to be easy prey for online dating rogues, so think twice before you post a lot about yourself and hit the ‘update’ button on your profile.

Be specific

Every person is unique. When you fill out the graphs in your profile, put in some information that makes you stand out. Share some memory or provide a small detail from your background that influenced your personality. Keep in mind, it should be a true fact about you. No one will believe if you post that you are the first to travel to the Moon and back, therefore don’t pretend to be the one you are not. Honesty is key.

Mind your financial data

One of the most precious online dating tips for men (you’ll see it in the long run) is to avoid making your financial information private. Do not disclose the details of your payment to your potential online girlfriend or bride. On most websites, you are welcome to report the Support Team if your woman asks you to share any financial data (e.g. card number). Remember, if the woman you are texting to is real and has serious intention, she will not risk being blocked on the website for asking for your money.

Don’t be annoying

You may be a very nice person offline but still, not every woman may like your texting style of self-presentation on the web. If you see that she does not answer, don’t chase her online and don’t send a lot of messages. There is nothing you can do if the person does not like your profile for some reason and does not wish to start a communication. There are many other women you can get acquainted with through online dating.

Online dating advice for guys

Choose the right site

Online dating for men is a real means of meeting a good person to share your life with. To make your experience safe and fruitful, take your time to do the research and find a reliable place for it. Scroll through reviews on trusted websites, ask your colleagues or friends. They can give you a bit of honest advice if they successfully tried any service. Remember to read information about payment methods and guarantees entirely: it may also help to distinguish among the different sites the one that is the most reliable.

Put your effort in texting

Would you like to receive a message with a fake compliment or a trivial flirting line? Potential brides dislike it even more. If you really want to meet a real individual, you should demonstrate you are real in your online dating, too. There is no second chance to make the first impression, so do not use the pick-up lines to impose anyone.

Do not cross boundaries

People are different, and foreign brides may be even more unlike you in some communication habits. You may meet a person who is reliable and honest but needs time to know you before meeting offline or even chatting for hours. Or she may feel comfortable to text you a few lines and then agree to go out together. You never know the boundaries of the person until you communicate for some time, therefore do not rush and ask anything personal. It may scare a woman and she would refuse to meet with you.

Focus on the good

When you start dating someone online or offline, you have to keep a conversation simple. Choose the topics that are pleasant to talk about and help to reveal the personality of your potential bride. Do not involve in talking about politics or your relationships with the boss. Do not demonstrate that you had a bad day since your new acquaintance is not your psychoanalyst to help you with your problems. Sure, close people are to help you in difficult situations in your life. But if you just met, complaining about your life is not a good idea.

Get offline

The last online dating advice for guys that we will share with you is to meet offline. Doing so will take your communication to the new level and you will be able to see the person as they are. 

Sure, spending weeks chatting online is cheaper, easier and safer than getting offline, but your goal is to meet a bride to marry and share your life with. How will you do it if you postpone your real date?