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How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

25/01/2020 By Brazilian

How to meet a beautiful woman who wants to build a serious relationship with you? Enjoy a date with a lady tomorrow. Do not waste your precious time! 

Use high-level service for the search and selection of a life partner for serious, motivated men who value their time and want to meet a worthy lady for the purpose of a serious relationship.

We organize acquaintances with beautiful girls from different corners of the world who are unmarried and serious in their intentions, as well as our male clients. Are you intrigued by such service, but can’t imagine mail order brides cost? Follow the article to see mail order brides pricing.


Mail Order Brides Cost

Before getting to know the exact mail order bride pricing, a company needs to understand your intentions, plans, and what you are searching for.

The first telephone conversation is a short interview. We are happy to answer your general questions regarding our personal dating service, pricing, etc. It is important for us to understand your expectations when searching for the “lady of your dreams”.

Then, the service will invite you to a personal meeting either at our office or, alternatively, we offer video conference via Skype, Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp. It will take you from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

A personal conversation helps them better understand your personality and your expectations regarding a future darling. They will also answer your questions about the service packages of service and how much are mail order brides.

You will talk in more detail about the service and your goals. They evaluate your past experience and determine what physical, emotional, and mental characteristics you are looking for in an ideal partner and come up with a real figure of how much mail order brides will cost for you. 

The company can introduce you to some of the ladies (matching your expectations) selected from the exclusive catalogs. You could potentially meet some of them (with mutual interest) when you become a client of the agency. You have no obligation to become a client during this personal meeting. If you decide to sign a contract with the dating agency, go to the next step.

In the next step, the service gives you a unique opportunity to expand your capabilities and choose a special gorgeous lady in an exclusive database of women’s profiles. You can do it yourself, in addition to professional service for the individual search and selection of your lady.

Professional specialists begin the selection of the ideal suitable partner for you. They present your identity in a confidential database of ladies that meet your specific requirements. As soon as they get mutual interest with you, specialists will present you with their profiles and photos accordingly. They also give you direct contacts of the lady and your consent to meet you.

As a rule, male clients can meet their first candidate – the “lady of your dreams” during the first week after signing the contract. After you go on a date with the “lady of your dreams”, the company will be happy to receive feedback from you and make the process more efficient. Feedback allows them to achieve your results faster. The service is accompanied by professional support, training in building harmonious and productive relationships, if necessary.

Mail Order Bride Pricing

The services are here to support you on the way to an acquaintance from the lady of your dreams. The company shares with you exclusive resources, knowledge, and experience that will allow you to meet the best lady that you are looking for your happy lifetimes at the most affordable mailorder brides cost on the market.

So how much does a mail order bride cost? Here is a list of a few basics. Unfortunately, it is hard to show you the exact mail order brides pricing for your case because your order is unique. Thus, your expectations and expenses will be counted individually.

  • Translation of a phone call: $6/minute. What for? Not knowing each other’s language perfectly, you will lose a lot. As a rule, clients don’t know the bride’s language well enough not to miss the pleasure of the little things. Remember: when you talk, you use your words and intonations, peculiar only to you. The same way applies to any person. We love to distort phrases, joke with pronunciation, and use slang. This is fun and familiar. And she will not understand it. That’s why a translator is obligatory for you.
  • Romance tour: $4,000 to $7,500. Why use this option? Traveling. New places, cities, people, impressions, emotions. Far from everyday life and routine. A new country will give a ton of everything that many only dream of when looking at pictures on the Internet. When you have a foreign girl at the best mail order brides pricing, you also need to travel. Yes, let it be the same direction, to her home. But you will always have the opportunity to escape from the daily routine and leave there, where so much is unknown, incomprehensible, new, fascinating. A bunch of acquaintances with people of other traditions is a huge and unforgettable experience. You can look at life through the eyes of others. Try to understand them, share your opinion.
  • The total cost of the service will be approximately 15-25 dollars a month.

Confidentiality is important to dating agencies. When you register with them, give them your information, find out how much a mail order bride costs, fill out online forms – the service will never transfer your information to anyone unless it is your potential chosen one and you have given the agency permission to do this.